Child’s play (GameJam 2017)

Integration is Child’s Play. During Games [4Diversity] Jam 2016, this is literally the case.

We will transform local and migrant kids’ favourite schoolyard games into digital equivalents.

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Program Games [4Diversity] Jam NL = onli

Program Games [4Diversity] Jam NL = online O yes! The program of Games [4Diversity] Jam 2016 is online now! Check it out on . You’ll find a new adoption of the ‘nothing beats an endorsement system’, we will tour the Dominican Monastery in Zwolle, and much more! Come to the Games [4Diversity] Jam 2016: I Believe! March 26-27th. And be inspired by fellow developers and connect to existential thoughts and perspectives. Sign up at We only have room for 40 people! Tickets (35 euro each) include breakfast, dinner, drinks, sleeping space (bring your own gear) and a tour … Continue reading Program Games [4Diversity] Jam NL = onli