I Believe! (GameJam 2016)

A game jam in a church. Games [4Diversity] Jam 2016 explored how religion and beliefs can inspire new and innovative gameplay Continue reading I Believe! (GameJam 2016)


Program Games [4Diversity] Jam NL = onli

Program Games [4Diversity] Jam NL = online O yes! The program of Games [4Diversity] Jam 2016 is online now! Check it out on http://www.gamesjam.nl . You’ll find a new adoption of the ‘nothing beats an endorsement system’, we will tour the Dominican Monastery in Zwolle, and much more! Come to the Games [4Diversity] Jam 2016: I Believe! March 26-27th. And be inspired by fellow developers and connect to existential thoughts and perspectives. Sign up at 4div16eu.eventbrite.com We only have room for 40 people! Tickets (35 euro each) include breakfast, dinner, drinks, sleeping space (bring your own gear) and a tour … Continue reading Program Games [4Diversity] Jam NL = onli

Rami Ismail – Religion – Gamejams We are

Rami Ismail – Religion – Gamejams We are proud to announce that Rami, known for his inspiring blogposts, critical talks and out-of-the box thinking, is this year’s face on the Games [4Diversity] Jam flyers. With his partner Jan-Willem Nijman, Rami participated in many gamejams, sometimes even shorter than 2 hours! His witty remarks and constructive criticism correspond well with the missions statement of Games [4Diversity]. Games [4Diversity] tries to contribute to a better representation and inclusion of socio-cultural minorities in popular culture. We do this in positive and constructive ways. Most known is probably the annual jam session: Games [4Diversity] … Continue reading Rami Ismail – Religion – Gamejams We are