Mission statement

Games [4Diversity] contributes to the representation and inclusion of socio-cultural minorities in popular culture by organizing game-related events.

Games [4Diversity] also strives to improve the visibility of diverse game developers themselves, because the industry consists of more than just straight men. 17 percent is female, 3 percent identifies as ‘other’, and there are special events for LGBTQ+ developers. This diversity is visible in the games that they make: there are games about coming out as gay, about body dysmorphia, and about homosexual relationships.

Game jams
During game jams, people from different backgrounds come together for a weekend. In the past few years, they made games around the following themes: LGBTQ+, ethnical backgrounds, religion, folklore, refugees, and skin diseases.

Canal Pride
Games [4Diversity] celebrates progress in LGBTQ+ representation and shows how colorful and inclusive the game industry is. By joining the Utrecht Canal Pride, the foundation makes LGBTQ+ game developers more visible. Black t-shirts are exchanged for colorful cosplay costumes, and attendees show that games are for everyone.

Games [4Diversity] Café
Every month, Games [4Diversity] organizes Games [4Diversity] Café. Different topics such as religion, women in games and LGBTQ+ are explored. It’s an informal evening, where we invite a speaker for a discussion about inclusivity in games.