Frequently asked questions

– Where is our next event? –

Utrecht Canal Pride
Utrecht, Oudegracht

– When? –

16 June 2018

– What do you get for your tickets? –

The ticket costs €50. You join us on the Games [4Diversity] boat.
Drinks and music included!

Buy your tickets here

– Who can join? –

Game developers and other people in the games industry! We are looking for people who identify as LGBTQ+, but anyone is welcome to join. Our aim is to create an inclusive event with a fun (‘gezellige’) mix of LGBTQ+ and straight people!


A boat parade to celebrate LGBTQ+ people and organizations!
For more information, we’d like to refer to the Utrecht Canal Pride website.

– Our program for Utrecht –

The Utrecht Canal Pride starts around 14:00.
Please check the Utrecht Canal Pride website for the official program.

– I want to join, what do I need to bring? –

The dress code is cosplay! Dress as your favorite game character (or object).
We take care of drinks, decoration and music.