Frequently asked questions

– Where is our next event? –
The Fifth
Neude 5
Utrecht, the Netherlands

– When? –
November 3-4th 2018 9:00-19:00

– What do you get for your tickets? –
Access to:  

  • Games [4Diversity] Jam 2018 on November 3-4th
  • EBor Awards in the Winkel van Sinkel on November 4th


  • 1x Breakfast
  • 2x Lunch
  • 1x Dinner
  • 2 drinks on Saturday Night
  • Unlimited Coffee

– Who can join? –

Everyone is welcome to join. Our aim is to create an inclusive event with a fun (‘gezellige’) mix of people. It helps if you can code, draw, think or are super friendly.

Never made a game? No problem, there are enough people to help you out. You can even create a non-digital game. For example, you can make a board-game a playful event or you can even write a story. Anything goes! As long as you emerge yourself in the perspective of someone with a recognisable handicap.


During a gamejam we make a playable prototype of a game in mere 35 hours. It is a jam session, like the one you might know from musical sessions. But instead of play a guitar  to experiment with some fun tunes, we use our digital technology to make a game.

A gamejam is all about experimentation, discovery and learning. Don’t be afraid to do something you never done before! It is all about the freedom to explore something you like or always wanted to do. So wrap up you sleeves and let the jamming begin.

– Our program  –

We start Saturday on 9:00 and the jam sessions wil end the next day, Sunday 19:00.

– I want to join, what do I need to bring? –

Bring your own stuff. Think, computer, creative tools, extension cables and all other thinks you need to make a great game. But above all, bring yourself! Your creativity and energetic personality are the most important here.

– Can I sleep at the jam location? –

Yes and no. The ticket does not include a sleeping space and we won’t advise you to work through the night. You can book a bed / room at the Fifth. This is basically the cheapest accommodation in Utrecht and we can even arrange a discount for you.