Games [4Div] @ CampusParty

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In merely 4 hours jammers created religion inspired games during the Campus Party in Utrecht. Jammers discussed the merit of religion and exchanged personal beliefs, convictions and ideologies. A rather productive and valuable night during a week of hectic hackatons, lectures and… samba bands.

Jam session on Folklore Play

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Games [4Diversity] is organising a jamsession on Folklore at Fontys ICT. We will explore how one’s cultural playful activities can be translated to a digital game. In merely 20 hours we will develop a game from scratch with English Stream Students of Fontys ICT

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Confession is a game where you play as the equivalent of a priest in a new religion. The story follows the player over their first 10 days, helping to establish their presence in the community. Community members will come to the church with their problems on an individual level – complex social problems such as adultery and abortion – and the player will have to help guide these citizens. The way the player responds affects how the religion will be built.

Additionally, choices made on one day may affect scenes in future days. Certain paths may only be become available depending on earlier guidance the player gives to their flock.

This game was made to explore the path of having a religious figure be a driving force or leader of a community on an individual social level, and how their choices might impact their church and the people that make up their society.

Jammers explain:

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Jammers explain why they participated in a Games [4Diversity] Jam on religious perspectives.


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Its nine o’clock on a beautiful morning on a loaded court. Everyone joined each other to talk, debate and listen to speeches of the lecturers. Even if every speech contains the same basic principles, they are different enough to tend to all kinds of people. It would be great if all the people get the speech they would like to hear, but on a court with a lot of people and speakers it is hard to find one that is just right for them. It is your job to enlighten as many people as possible with your lectures.

What could be interesting game mechanics

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What could be interesting game mechanics regarding beliefs? Faith as a resource? Ritual management? Prayer powerups? http://ow.ly/ZtO6P

Are you ready to explore beliefs in Game

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Are you ready to explore beliefs in Games [4Diversity] Jam? See you March 26-27 in Dominican Church, Zwolle! http://ow.ly/ZtOsV #g4div