I Believe!

Games [4Diversity] Jam 2016: I Believe! March 26-27th – Easter Weekend 2016 Our society is the product of believes, life-styles and ideologies. These believes have brought people together, fostering harmonious communities of peace and prosperity. On the other side, these believes divided us, sprang civil wars and initiated grant revolutions. Traditional Western beliefs have cultivated and fostered the way we play. Most obvious are the Fantasy-themed open worlds, which are rooted in western Folklore. Or the dystopian Science-Fiction-Action-RPGs, which correspond to Christian thoughts on an imminent apocalypse. Less obvious appears the insurmountable divide between ‘the good’ and ‘the evil’. This … Continue reading I Believe!


In this two days edition of the Games [4Diversity] Jam we will explore how folklore play can incite new and innovative games. In merely 20 hours we will develop a game that is based on a playful activity that is typical to your culture. During the jam session we will introduce you to three motivational aspects: 1) competence, 2) relatedness and 3) autonomy. During the jam you’ll learn to integrate these aspects into your game. In preparation of the jam session we ask jammers to install the following program/toolkits At least one of the follwoing Game Dev softwares Unity 3D (mac … Continue reading Volklore